2017 Safety Expo Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities Now Available

The 2017 Safety Expo is developing new and creative ways to market the industry’s contracting firms; trade association partners; suppliers of products and services to help strengthen your company’s brand.  We are pleased to offer a variety of sponsorship level packages to put you front and center of your target audience.  Each package is tailored to provide you with maximum exposure while maintaining the quality and sophisticated level of serve our members and attendees have come to expect. Click here to download the inclusive Sponsorship Packet 2017-srbx-safety-expo-sponsorship-packet

The Safety Expo is an annual event proudly presented by the Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange, providing safety education, compliance, and certification training to the building, construction, and general industry trades.  Expo continues to grow in terms of attendance, recognition and reputation.  We are offering a more improved, complete, comprehensive, and inclusive program to provide you with creative exposure as a sponsor of the 2017 Safety Expo.  Your company will be recognized by your industry counterparts as a principal supporter of this year’s event – your company brand will be visible on both the official on-line registration and safetyexpo.com websites; as well as in pre-event promotions and marketing materials, and the official 2017 Safety Expo Registration Brochure and Resource Guide.  For 13 years, the Expo has garnered a stellar reputation in high quality safety training at a fraction of cost, and below industry standard for a safety education-focused event, AND it’s the only event in California of this caliber! The professionalism and expertise of our trainers, couple with their generous commitment of time provides the core of this event’s incredible value.  Expo could not maintain the low cost of registration if it were not for the substantial sponsorships that are contributed annually.  The original program foundation for the Expo has always been for “all workers, regardless of the size of their companies will have equal opportunities to quality safety training.”

As we move forward with the planning of the 2017 Safety Expo, please consider becoming one of our event sponsors.  Expo presents a comprehensive sponsorship package for your consideration – I am sure you will find an opportunity that will appropriately market your firm or business as well as information on all sponsor entitlements.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the 2017 Statewide Safety Expo Training and Management Conference, please do not hesitate to contact Expo event management staff.

On-going safety training is beneficial to everyone regardless of experience or tenure.  This applies to general, specialty and sub-contractors alike.  Educating trade workers is crucial to work force development, particularly now that construction continues to recover and companies are seeking trained employees to meet today’s construction demands.  Construction workers engage in many activities that will expose them to serious hazards.  Expo sessions are designed to assist those in the industry – whether employee or employer – to identify, reduce, and eliminate construction-related hazards.  Worker health and safety needs to be in the fore front and applied to every aspect of construction, at all times.  This event brings attendees to the Expo to receive the necessary and regulatory required training.  Whether your specialty is residential or commercial construction, current and new staff must be trained in the correct safety disciplines.  Your sponsorship contributions will enable the Expo to train workers on an even keel, so that the pool of trained staff and trades is greater, and equally important, Expo can continue to offer this vital training a a reasonable and affordable cost!

We hope that you will take advantage of the many opportunities to support the Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange’s 2017 Safety Expo Training and Management Conference April 12-13 at Cosumnes River College.

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