SBRX Fights Proposed Changes on the Heat Illness Standard

SRBX officially opposes the proposed changes to the Heat Illness Prevention Standard that are going before the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board public hearing Thursday, September 25th. SRBX officially sent its Letter to Standards Board – Opposing changes to Heat Illness Prevention of opposition that you can read here. SRBX is taking the fight to San Diego when the Standards Board meets and SRBX CEO, Peter Tateishi, will personally oppose the proposed changes to the Heat Illness Standard at this Board meeting on behalf of SRBX. SRBX has also joined forces with the California Chamber of Commerce and the Heat Illness Prevention Coalition and submitted a Letter of Opposition.

Some of the changes are:

Requiring employers to provide drinking water as close as practicable but no more than 400 feet from employees, with some wiggle room.

Shade to be provided when temperatures hit 80 degrees (currently 85F) and no farther than 700 feet from workers.

Employees who need to take a “cool-down rest” cannot be ordered back to work until symptoms of heat illness have abated.  Employers also would have to monitor the worker during the rest period and provide emergency services if the symptoms worsen.

High-heat procedures would kick in at 85 degrees, instead of the current 95F. The draft also adds specific instructions for observing employees for heat illness signs during high-heat.

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