Silica in Construction and Cal/OSHA Regulatory Requirements

At least 1.7 million U.S. workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica in a variety of industries and occupations, including construction, sandblasting, and mining. Silicosis, an irreversible but preventable disease, is the illness most closely associated with occupational exposure to the material, wSilicahich also is known as silica dust. Occupational exposures to respirable crystalline silica are associated with the development of silicosis, lung cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, and airways diseases. These exposures may also be related to the development of autoimmune disorders, chronic renal disease, and other adverse health effects.

Richard DaRosa, Retired, Cal/OSHA Consultation – This 2016 Safety Expo presentation will cover what and where silica is found, the health hazards associated with exposure and Cal/OSHA requirements.

Please note: For information about health effects from dust particles in environments outside of the workplace, please visit the below websites:

United States Environmental Protection Agency “Particulate Matter”External Web Site Icon and the CDC “Air Pollution and Respiratory Health”

Safety Expo Registration will be available in January 2016!


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2016 Safety Expo “Oatmeal Cookies and Road Apples” Presentation

Oatmeal Cookies and Road Apples

Kitschy title, but this presentation demonstrates that safety and quality programs or cultures are directly linked and are dependent upon people The focus will be on people, not compliance.  This class is fun!

Dave Simpson with Unger Construction is a highly respected presenter and has won “Best Presenter” awards at several national conferences. His presentations are known for high energy and long-term retention, due to his unique presentation style.

Dave’s experience is a blend of commercial construction and the high technology sector. His commercial construction experience includes hospitals, medical office buildings, high rises, hospitality, gaming, education, parking structures, utility scale renewable energy products and large central utility plants. His high technology experience includes manufacturing facilities, data centers, assembly/test facilities, chemical processing and warehouse/distribution facilities.

Don’t miss the opportunity of taking Dave Simpson’s Oatmeal Cookies and Road Apples class at the 2016 Safety Expo.  Registration will be available in January 2016!

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2016 Expo Email Signature

The industry is now challenged by a shortage of labor sorely lacking in workers adequately trained in the various safety disciplines, and the availability of enough skilled trade labor to put all of the “stuff” in place to safely deliver a quality product on time and on budget.  Everyone is ramping up overtime to meet schedules and history tells us that safety and quality will be under pressure. The already tough job of our safety and quality staff people just got a lot harder and more critical to everyone’s operations. And the most important thing we can all do is take great care of the people we have! We can provide the safest workplace possible for everyone.

The Safety Expo will help your company cut costs while preventing injuries on the shop floor, as well as the construction site, through synergistic training involving aspects of general and construction industries. The Safety Expo is recognized for their commitment to safety, and they owe that to the importance they place on developing people through training. Developing employees at all levels that are competent in safety (meaning those that possess the knowledge, skills, and experience to perform safely consistently) is critical to any operation.

The Safety Expo will provide opportunities to develop safety competencies through seminars, workshops, and visiting the vendors. Employees who attend will be able to bring back new innovations and more economical ways to keep employees and their families safe. This new knowledge can also help your company stay in the forefront of safety initiatives. The Safety Expo is a unique experience because of the ability to meet the safety training needs of both general and construction industries.

Both print and on-line registration opens in January of 2016.  Fees to attend are $75.00 for SRBX member single registration or $65.00 per/person in groups of 10 or more; $95.00 single registration for non SRBX members or $85.00 per/person in groups of 10 or more.  The late and on-site fees are $150.  Links to register will be posted on or

More than 12,000 attendees have been trained since the inception of the Expo in 2005!

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Thank You To 2016 Safety Expo Sponsors


Work force and Trade Worker Development – On-going safety training is beneficial to everyone regardless of experience or tenure.  This applies to general, specialty and sub-contractors alike.  Educating trade workers is crucial to work force development, particularly now that construction continues to recover and companies are seeking trained employees to meet today’s construction demands.  Construction workers engage in many activities that will expose them to serious hazards.  Expo sessions are designed to assist those in the industry – whether employee or employer – to identify, reduce, and eliminate construction-related hazards.  Worker health and safety needs to get in the fore front and applied to every aspect of construction, at all times.  This event brings attendees to the Expo to receive the necessary and regulatory required training,  Whether your specialty is residential or commercial construction, current and new staff must be trained in the correct safety disciplines.  Your sponsorship contributions will enable the Expo to train workers on an even keel, so that the pool of trained staff and trades is greater, and equally important, with your sponsorship Expo can continue to offer this vital training at a reasonable and affordable cost!

For comprehensive information click here:  2016 SRBX Safety Expo Sponsorship Packet



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2016 Sponsorship Opportunities and Advertising Information

The 2016 Safety Expo is now going into its 12th year of presenting quality training in equipment and compliance certification; management and business development; regulatory and general safety workshops to the greater Sacramento region and throughout the State.  Our attendees represent the general contractor community, from the small firms to the large GCs; subcontractors, and suppliers of products and services.  In the past 11 years, the Expo has been successful in training more than 12,000 people in the various segments of the industry.

As we move forward with the planning of the 2016 Expo Conference,Sponsorship Graphic  The comprehensive 2016 Attendee Registration Booklet is scheduled to go to print in December of 2014 for mass distribution in January.  The booklets are sent out to more than 5,000 prospective attendees and is a significant print piece listing the Expo program and course curriculum.  Chances are you or someone that you do business with has sent attendees or participated as an exhibitor, advertiser or sponsor of this event.

Please take a moment to review the 2016 SRBX Safety Expo Sponsorship  materials – you are sure to find an opportunity that will appropriately market your firm or business.  The specifications and deadlines for advertising are noted in the materials along with several sponsorship opportunities and entitlements.

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Heat Illness Prevention Network Telephone Conference Call


Heat Illness Prevention Network Telephone Conference Call 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 from 11AM to 12PM

Christine Baker, Director, Department of Industrial Relations
Juliann Sum, Chief, Cal/OSHA

WHAT:      Heat Illness Prevention Network Conference Call

WHEN:     Tuesday, September 15, 11AM to 12PM.
WHERE:   From DIR headquarters in Oakland
WHY:        To update Heat Illness Prevention Network members on topics relating to the                     Heat Illness Prevention Standard
HOW:       Conference call information to follow
E-mail your questions / comments to
The Heat Illness Prevention Network (The HIP Network)

The HIP Network is a voluntary public/private partnership established to increase both employers’ and employees’ awareness of the hazard of heat illness and the importance of heat illness prevention measures to prevent fatalities and serious illnesses in California workplaces.  HIP Network members work together to help prevent heat illness in workplaces throughout California in partnership with the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) by providing timely information to employers and employees.

Members of the Heat Illness Prevention Network (HIP Network) join together with other private organizations and Cal/OSHA to put vital information in the hands of California’s employees to help prevent heat illness.

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2015 Safety Expo – It’s a Wrap!

The 2015 Statewide Safety Expo Training and Management Conference is a wrap… Close to 900 attendees took advantage of the two-day compliance, certification and safety training event at Cosumnes River College earlier this month.  The weather was outstanding which pleased the exhibiting companies stationed outside on the main walk-way of the campus; inside vendors were busy networking with attendees representing the building, construction, state and local municipalities.  Thanks to all our presenters, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees for making 2015 a huge success!  Dates for next year will be March 23-24!

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2015 Safety Innovation Award

The Safety Innovations Award exists for one reason and that is to recognize companies whose products or procedures have already or will significantly improve safe practices in the workplace and the environment.  The Safety Advisory Council for the Statewide Safety Expo has the responsibility to review each of the innovation applications submitted and judge those which will have the biggest impact for safety.

We are proud to announce the winner for the Safety Innovations Award for 2015 is Sunbelt for their Winlet 770 Glass Manipulator. This innovative product takes glass installation and removal to a new standard.  The Winlet 770 offers a revolutionary new way of installing windows. Using the Winlet 770 window robot, you can quickly and dramatically improve health and safety at work. Window elements weighing up to 770 lbs. can be lifted, transported and installed easily, without straining the back. The results will show up directly on your bottom line as your employees will be able to work more efficiently, avoiding back injuries and sick days, which will result in faster installations without damages to the glass. Finally – a window robot which improves efficiency and meets the increasing requirements from national Occupational Health & Safety Administrations.

Congratulations to Sunbelt Rentals!

For more information, please visit: or contact Brian Elia at 916-372-2555

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